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Diamond Foundation Course

This online course gives students an introduction to the entire world of diamonds. Find out what makes diamond unique by studying their billion year history, discover how rare they are by learning about the exploration and recovery methods and reveal how precious they are due to the amazing good that diamonds do.



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On completion of this online course, students will be confident talking about the full diamond journey and will be able to use this information as diamond champions within their business environment.


  • This course is designed for anyone working in the diamond or wider jewellery industry. It will help students gain enhanced expertise when discussing or selling these rare and precious gifts of nature.

  • The programme is delivered via a bespoke website, designed to provide a secure interactive learning experience. The course is mobile friendly to allow students to study wherever and whenever, they have internet connection.

  • The course is available in English, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Turkish and Thai.

  • Students have the flexibility to complete the programme at their own pace, over a 4-month period. There is approximately 28 hours worth of study materials.

  • This course in internationally accredited by the CPD.


This course will help you develop skills which will be particularly useful in the following scenarios: Consumer Facing Retail (online or store based), Jewellery Design (foundation level), Jewellery Manufacturing (foundation), Staff Onboarding & Training (within a diamond company environment), Marketing & PR teams

Course Details

4 month online foundation course. Upon completion you can download a certificate of achievement.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience required. Following the course, students can take a separate 1-day 'Introduction to the 4Cs' workshop, which provides a hands-on experience with diamonds.



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  • 1. Diamond Growth & Properties

    Discover how the youngest diamonds were created over a billion years ago, and 200 km within the Earth's surface. Learn of this fascinating creation process, how it happened at atomic level, and why the resulting properties are so extraordinary.

  • 2. Travel to the Surface & Exploration

    Explore how diamonds, once formed, left the depths of the Earth and embarked on unimaginable journeys, only to lie in wait for millions of years to be discovered.

  • 3. Diamond Mining & Recovery

    How does diamond-mining take place in different areas of the world: dig deep into the largest earth-moving technologies employed, the different types of mining and how diamonds are extracted from their ores.

  • 4. Rough Sorting & Pricing

    How are diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colours sorted and valued? Gain an overview of the sorting and valuations methods used by the De Beers Group and how important these are to producing countries and their communities.

  • 5. The Polished 4Cs

    How do we grade polished diamonds? The complex interaction between each of the 4Cs make diamonds the most highly treasured among gemstones, and determine their polished value. Learn about the De Beers Group methodology for polished diamond grading. Strict criteria, state-of-the-art technology, highly skilled professionals - to ensure an integrity-led process, to follow each diamond's journey.

  • 6. Cutting & Polishing

    How do you turn a rough crystal into a sparkling polished diamond? Discover how the beauty that radiates from within a diamond is conveyed, thanks to the skills of master craftsmen. Learn how these experts meticulously plan cutting and polishing, using their experience to release each diamond's inner beauty.

  • 7. Jewellery Design, Marketing & Retail

    How is a piece of jewellery designed and created, and how do we then promote it? Explore the creative process that leads to the design and creation of jewellery, and subsequently how branding and communications collide to form the marketing strategy. Take these notions alongside everything else you have learned on the course, and see how it all comes together in the retail space.

  • 8. Synthetic Diamonds, Simulants & Treatments

    What is the difference between diamonds, simulants, treated material and synthetic diamonds? This module is all about the constant challenge of their usage in an industry where companies strive to showcase the beauty and heritage of natural diamonds. Learn how these variables differ and how screening and verification technology is lending a helping hand.

Course Details

4 month online foundation course. Upon completion you can download a certificate of achievement.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience required. Following the course, students can take a separate 1-day 'Introduction to the 4Cs' workshop, which provides a hands-on experience with diamonds.



Item price subject to tax
Price can vary dependent on location

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I work within the diamond industry already. Should I take this course?

    This course is designed to give you an overview on each aspect of the diamond pipeline. Therefore, whilst you may have an expertise in one area, by studying this course, you will gain a much wider overview of the entire diamond pipeline which we hope will help you develop within your speciality area.

  • Is there any hands on experience contained within this course?

    The Diamond Foundation Course is completed online, but students have the option to continue their studies with the Introduction to the Polished 4Cs Course. This is a one day lab based course which gives hands on experience with diamonds under the tuition of a Final Grader from within the De Beers Group. See our product page for more details.


  • What makes this course different to the other educational courses on offer at present?

    There are plenty of educational services on offer for those looking to learn more about the diamond industry as a whole, yet none have the scope or attention to detail that the our Diamond Foundation Course offers. This is because the De Beers Group has an active involvement across all stages of the diamond pipeline, and are therefore uniquely positioned to speak with first-hand experience and unparalleled knowledge.

  • Do I need to buy any textbooks?

    Everything you need is contained within the interactive website and we even supply downloadable study notes to assist your learning.

  • What are the technical requirements for accessing the course?

    The education site runs in most modern web browsers, therefore you will require a computer/device capable of running one of the following: 

    • Chrome v54 upwards 
    • Firefox v49 upwards 
    • Internet Explorer 11 
    • Microsoft Edge (Windows) v13 upwards 
    • Safari on Mac v9.1 upwards 
    • iOS Safari (mobile and tablet) 
    • Chrome for Android (mobile and tablet) 
    • Samsung Internet 
    Cookies and JavaScript must also be enabled for the education site to run correctly.

  • What does CPD accreditation mean?

    Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent DPC accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements. See the CPD Certification Services' website for further details. 

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